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If you're afraid to speak out against colonialism, then you've already been colonised. Silence is surrender!

Os ydych ofn herio gwladychiaeth, yna rydych eisoes wedi’ch gwladychu. Ildio yw tawelwch!


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Statement of Belief.

Posted on May 9, 2013 at 8:50 AM

1. We believe in one nation and one flag.


2. We believe that Cymru should be an independent nation outside of the European Union.

Plaid Glyndŵr is a minor political party, our aim is to give Welsh nationalists a choice at the ballot box during local elections.  We hope, that in the near future, we’ll be able to contest Assembly Elections too, this will depend on the progress of the party.


1. Fe gredwn mewn un genedl, un faner.

2. Fe gredwn dylai Cymru fod yn genedl annibynnol y tu allan i'r Undeb Ewropeaidd.

Mae Plaid Glyndwr yn blaid wleidyddol fechan. Ein bwriad yw sicrhau bod cenedlaetholwyr Cymraeg yn cael dewis yn yr etholiadau lleol. Ein gobaith yn y dyfodol agos i'w medru sefyll etholiadau'r Cynulliad hefyd. Mi fydd hyn yn dibynnu ar gynnydd Plaid Glyndwr.


Plaid Glyndŵr’s ‘Ban the Union flag’ campaign.

Our first victory here, here & here.

Galw am wahardd jac yr undeb.


Unlike this English author, Plaid Cymru refuses to acknowledge the damaging effects that colonialism is having on Cymru.


Read his article here.


The Welsh Social Housing Issue (click here).

It is for the above reasons that we need a true Welsh nationalist party such as Plaid Glyndŵr, a political party that will have no hesitation in confronting this issue.  


Join here.

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Welsh Social Housing

Petition (please sign here).

We ask the ‘Welsh’ Government to act now and stop the practice of providing housing for others before its own people.

Dim tai i saeson cyn y bobol leol Click here 



Plaid Glyndŵr is now over two years, it’s important that our fledgling party continues to grow with our no-nonsense Welsh nationalist attitude.

Cymru needs a strong Welsh nationalist voice, especially at a local level within our communities, help us build that party.

If you can help with funding please click here.

Diolch yn fawr!.

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Plaid Glyndŵr

Established 12th November 2012

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